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I Wash Ana Maria’s Face Everyday With My Sperm


Ana Maria is a Romanian teen who is my sexy secretary. She began to work at my office 4 months ago. I’m fucking her since she began her job. She came to a job interview with a very sexy mini skirt. Of course, I couldn’t resist and she got the job. Her beauty is the most important thing in her life. It was her first working day, she said her cream was over which she uses for her face. She was very stressed. Because of Coronavirus all shops were closed. She said she must find cream as soon as possible. I directly took off my huge penis and said that here is your cream source. Suck him carefully and I may wash your face with my natural organic face cream. Sperm has amazing ingredients that may help your skin. She directly accepted and began to suck my penis. I fucked her behind and as I promised washed her face with my amazing sperm. The results were fantastic! All of the acnes were gone. Since that day she doesn’t use fake creams anymore. She prefers my natural organic cream!

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