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I’m Yusuf tourist guide from Turkey. While I was working in Antalya, I met one old man who sells organic aphrodisiac. He said that he prepares this special mix with the organic plants which he picks from the mountains. After I bought this special aphrodisiac I was looking for any pussy to use my special weapon. Finally, I met a very sexy French teen. The old man said to eat 1 spoon of aphrodisiac 1 hour before the sex. But I ate 3 spoons. My penis began to work as Ferrari’s engine. I was burning and I directly attacked to French teen. I fucked her 40 minutes nonstop. But it wasn’t enough. That day I fucked her 5 times. She called the police to stop me. My engine was working perfectly. The police came and took her I was still horny. I called an escort and fucked her 3 times more. I don’t remember any more details from that day. When I woke up it was another day already. After that day I never eat any aphrodisiac, I only used my own engine.

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